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dangle and 300 feet in the year four hours. "good morning washington." starts right now. is ave and in hd, this washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute thursday,n this september 20. i am kendis gibson. steve and cynne are off today. --'s start with jacqui jeras it is fall out there. >> do not worry, it will be in the 80's by tomorrow. our had land today is that we have a chilly start. we are looking at 40's and if you 50's on the map. temperatures will rise as we into the weekend, but we do have a chance of storms on saturday. make your plans with that in mind. temperatures across the region
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-- $48, 46 in manassas, 50 in fredericksburg. 55 at reagan national. almost nothing but sunshine today. 60 at 9:00. 73 at noon. 76 at 5:00. jamie has traffic. i love this weather. traffic action is not so bad. we had the douglass bridge last hour. now it starts in good shape. it had been open to that a ship go through. taken care of. we're good to go on 395 if you are heading in. a one or ride on the 14th street bridge. no problems here. in the far distance, the lights, that is the woodrow wilson bridge. in the background, here is the wilson bridge. maryland aa, a lot of construction overnight is now -- a beltway, a lot
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of construction overnight is now wrapped up. back to you. we are following breaking of prince george's county. firefighters are on the scene fire at the ymca bowie. his way toes is on the scene. get -- check-in as soon as he gets there. three d.c. police officers minor injuries in a crash. midnight oned at streets. avenue and l was off-duty, the other two duty.n this point is not clear what crash.the killed in a motorcycle crashed in college park. started when a university of maryland police officer spotted without visible registration plates. the opposite try to pull the but he kept going eastbound, only to cross into ongoing lanes and hit a car westbound.
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themotorcyclist died at hospital. notle inside the car were hurt. forould be a rough start hundreds of people in largo. they are waking up with low all. the suburban sanitary commission because a 24-inch broke, largo road. it could last until mid morning. for this to have water they say the water is to drink. metro riders are hoping up r no repeat of yesterday's morning commute. housands were left stranded after two trains lost power on sections of the red line. unfolded when two trains lost power on different sections of the busy redlined. these pictures captured by frustration and confusion. 1000 metro rain gear left waiting for over an hour. metro still has no idea what
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caused this mess. firstly strain -- train near the island stop stop. later, a packed train stopped inside a tall prior to the tenleytown station . morning, plenty of anxiety. you do not have a concern the train that for hours onpped end. those commuters trapped in cars say this only seems to add metro's long list of reliability woes. >> virginia railway express should have the easier than last night. the manassas service has resumed package wasicious found on the tracks. they used buses to get their destination. they give them high marks for of the situation. right away they knew what was on and they made arrangements for us. what can i do?
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>> they say the package contained remains, but it is not are animal or human. they do not know how the package the tracks.r metro -- more security at after a high school was shot outside the yesterday afternoon. adrian carter is live -- carter is live with more doing to keepre students say. out at theas letting time of the shooting. they were heading back to class. more security is expected today. schools -- students will return to find extra staff in place shooting outside the .chool wednesday afternoon very shocked that something would happen. according to police, gunfire rang out at the same time students were released. say a male student was shot and was taken to the
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hospital was not life- threatening injuries. another student is now in police custody. >> i heard gunshots and they there -- i heard two. >> investigators and trying to about the more to gunfire. led parents say it is threatening to fired in ashots usually safe for students. scary -- define that shooting in the school. authority say weapon was recovered. not san anymore at this point. of the victim and releasedre still not at this point. police say the investigation is ongoing. thank you. new details this morning in a theaterrado movie shooting. against james holmes, the man accused of people and injuring in july. prosecutors are looking to file more charges. faces over 100
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murder andluding attempted murder. prosecutors are expected to lay out arguments for why they to use inable universitynt to a as a new report that could thrust health care back to the the presidential - the nonpartisan congressional budget office says n americans 6 millio face a tax penalty for not having insurance. most of them would be in the middle class. that number is about 50% higher projected after the law passed in 2010. tim kane and george allen are said to square off in a debate n virginia today. it will last an hour. it will be presented by the fairfax chamber. this race is called one of the competitive in the nation. with abc 7 -- we will have debate in oure later newscast. >> a big day for good morning
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile c check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> good morning. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras in the belfort furniture weather
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.enter is chilly out there. you need a sweater or jacket, but this morning -- afternoon it will warm up and be fantastic. 55 that reagan national, 45 in gaithersburg. 49 in fredericksburg. the cold side. temperatures colder this morning timethey were this yesterday. we expect to balance that out as we had through the rest of the day. sunny skies this -- a high temperature 74-78 degrees. there is a chance of storms that could impact our weekend plans. about that with forecast when i see you again. first we go to traffic. around the beltway -- virginia, overnight construction has been wrapped up. 0 is in good shape. if you use interstate 95, a car -- not causing of any back up north of
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route 32. in the life -- right lane block. virginia 95 -- all your lanes are open. t as to make the boardl across springfield. crossing the anacostia bridge -- that is fine. back to you. have one more note about counties inwo maryland are to lighten up people's canute's. officials in montgomery and want to addties another lane to each side of the .merican legion bridge they are looking at the shoulder as a solution. are urging them to open up shoulders as bus lanes or .or general purpose 53 degrees. to bundle up.ant up, highlights from the double header at nats park. up, highlights from the double header at nats park. dow one ba
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this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking our top story is at two police officers were hurt in crash in southwest washington. the officers suffered minor the crash is under
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investigation. metro wants to know why to red trains lost power at the yesterday's morning rush. of rain gear were stranded. -- riders were stranded. extra security at coolidge high shotl after a student was there yesterday afternoon. police say the injuries are not threatening and the injury between twoisputes students. the first time, we are hearing from the family of va lacrosse player yeardley love. her mother and sister sat down w -- an exclusive into vie with katie couric. a preview. i grew up in northern uva, and as went to that community i was deeply saddened by the death of e, lacrosse player brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend. a case that horrified the people
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virginia, thef washington d.c. area, and the entire nation. today i have an exclusive with her mom and sister, who are speaking out for since her killer was convicted. e of the key things i'll be about is, wereem there warning signs that and a dangerous and it -- relationship? a discuss ead to violence in this country. save some money now? up, today at 4:00. -- can you save someone you love? up, today at 4:00. gary smith was convicted of manslaughter in the his roommate, michael the andir apartment. first he claimed he was not home mcqueen took his own life. he claimed he left his gun near him and got rid because heon
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panicked. well wishes to robin roberts. e "good morning america" anger undergo a rare blood disorder to treat -- a bone marrow transplant to treat her rare blood disorder. one of her doctors will be on discuss the procedure. arethoughts and prayers with her. about whether, we k about wearing a sweater. that you are none too happy about. i am -- >> i am winding. -- whining./ >> tomorrow will be back to higher temperatures. a while since it has been this called -- may 18 but last time we saw chilly.ures this it is beautiful -- skies are clear. 55 at reagan national. look all the 40's on the map. cumberland at 41.
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40 degrees in culpeper. 40 degrees at washington dulles airport. some perspective -- where should time of the year? yesterday it only got up to 72. our low was 59. is our averages -- 78 and 61. e 40's and 50's are 10 should below where we time of we're nowhere near the record 41. you can only complain a little bit. weather systems today -- severe tuesday is offshore. the next system here, you can swirl, that cold front of energy as it approaches. see our firstto rain back in the not untilobably saturday. in mind if you are making weekend plans, in nationals game, all kinds of stuff this weekend.
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mostly sunny skies. dress in layers today -- bring a sweater, your jacket. later you will not lead at -- need it. tonight, 40 to 59 degrees. our seven-day forecast, back in the 80's tomorrow. stronger thunderstorms late in on saturday. a slight risk category of severe storms on saturday. update you the next few days. will call it back down for sunday and monday. looking really good. check on traffic. nice and easy as we get under way the 5:00 hour. around the beltway. 95 and 395, good. wonderful ride as you can see, duke street. not much to tell you about. on the rails, they will it run a full service. trains and metro are
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running on schedule. american legion bridge -- good for everybody. 270 is also off to a quiet start. back to you. thank you. today's had lights -- htc and lg have announced new smartphones. new mobile operating system. replaces6the ios app with apple matt. >> if you are using it in the youryou can put it down in holder and your directions announced as you drive. looking at -- better than at a screen. before friday's delivery of the htc and lg their newest funds. .nd they use windows phone 8 elegy runs on an older version androis.
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all go on sale later this year. motors set -- admits touchscreen cars can be in their -- touch be confusing in their cars. they're also calling on dealers to offer additional help. >>
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. >> that all up in the air -- going to the wall.
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what a catch. so make it 15 and counting the orioles -- incredible extra-inning win streak. a great feeling as they beat the mariners, 3-1 to win a series sweep. him for baltimore's all-time saves. the yankees had a double they are on the birds. the nats played a thriller a day with the dodgers. brant the highlights. washington gets closer to its first postseason appearance since 1933. g was electric. the nats won the first game, 3- 1. me take you back downtown -- was wild. game tagss trouble with it but the third out.
5:27 am
the umpire said that kemp had before thee plate tag. ron call -- 6-0 dodgers. bottom of the eighth, a two-run own to right field. morris with the bases loaded. a single that finds the whole. what a comeback. was 6-6. in the top of the ninth, he a fastball -- see you later. they hold on to win it 7-6. that bad call early in the game the dodgers run that have counted. have a great day, everybody. >> thank you. 53 degrees. the news will continue at 5:30. 53 degrees. the news will continue at 5:30. >>
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call grear washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work wi all those
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who are making our communities stronger. >> live and in hd, this is "good washington," on your side. straight ahead, red line deja vurs do not want today. trains lost power yesterday, leaving thousands stranded. great to have you along with us. i am pamela bwn. >> i am kendis gibson. a check on the forecast. is chilly this morning at the belfort furniture weather .enter outside, we are talking about 30's to 50 costa started out with. beautiful shot of a nation's capital. temperatures across the region -- 55 degrees in the district. 48 at dulles. 45 in manassas.
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you will be in short sleeves by afternoon. noone, 73 degrees. 76 by 5:00 this evening. your seven-day forecast in a bit. k on traffic. i am happy to say that i am foring along good news virginia commuters. 66, the toll road inside the cleary -- the 66th is from falls church to arlington. the key bridge, 14th street all checking out fine. some of our cameras to show you the easy start. no problems as we head into maryland around the beltway. entire beltway is running without incident. new york avenue -- that all as you travel early on. back to you. looks smooth there. hope it is smooth on the rails. metro riders are hoping to
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nightmare kenny. tothey are still trying trains losthat to power during yesterday's morning rush. of passengers were they can to sudden island avenue and tenleytown station . moving after crews the power, but is still failed.r why they virginia railway express should have been easier trip. service ground to a halt yesterday after a suspicious was found near manassas on the tracks. buses were used to get to their's -- writers destinations. the packagey contained remains. not sure how they ended up on the tracks or if the remains are human or animal. security is being ramped up school ine high washington after a student was shot. it apparently stemmed from a
5:34 am
dispute between two students. injuries are life-threatening -- not life-threatening. aey call the shooting isolated incident. a school in northwest washington keep 37owed to classrooms that regulators wanted to remove. -- animals that regulators wanted to remove. they said they were not included in city animal possession laws. they passed emergency legislation to let the schools the animals. mayor gray is expected to sign it. marriagebate over gay soon end up in the u.s. supreme court. ruth bair ginsburg told the colorado that she marriagethe defense of act will come before the high t in the next year. a federal badge in york -- judge in new york declared it unconstitutional, and president has instructed the department to no longer defend that law.
5:35 am
controversy around its opposition to gay marriage -- a fil-ago lawmaker says chick- is reevaluating their nations and makes to anti-gay groups. alderman vowed to block the restaurants of new his district, but he says the progress inaking concerns. a judge is putting pressure at the man who shot -- a center holding the man who shot ron reagan. on the putting pressure decide what to do with the man. to spendrently allowed time away from the facility and looking to spend time with his mother. news during the presidential campaign. to do with the economy. >> airport that looks at home sales and job opportunities for the holidays. morning, signs the
5:36 am
economy is turning around. new economic data suggest the market hasusing out and is now recovering. existing home sales shot up 8% in august. builders broke ground on a lot more homes, up more than 2%. that sent home builder confidence to the highest level in six years. promising news about jobs -- said they planned to hire to 90,000 holiday workers. calls, more than 50 to 50kohls, than 52,000 workers. mitt romney is trying to pit economy back -- campaign economic issues after hi firestorm comments that 47% of americans see themselves as victims. he quickly moved on to the y.onom about the 100%is americans. about them.ed i am concerned about the fact four yearshe past
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become harder for americans. message --t obama's if voters want the economy to back, they need to give a second term. a message bill clinton has taken the road. grow and will grow again. to reelectd obama to do it. [applause] >> polls showed president obama battlegrounducial states. campaign is trying to pick up steam. romney and paul ryan had to ohio on monday. a closer look at the numbers for -- president obama on the campaign trail. joking around with power jay-z and beyonce. they are pressing dirt off their a take off on one of the tight bundles of a jay-z son. on.itles of a jay-z
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raiser receipts- for $40,000. still ahead and "good morning washington," the space shuttle finalor takes off for a leg of
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>> i am with the capitol area -- we are looking for donations and volunteers.
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"good morning washington. jacqui jeras on this chilly morning. been this cold since may 18. skies are so clear this morning. the lincoln memorial air temperature here in the 55 check out our weatherbug network in winchester. 40 degrees is the temperature there. frostburg -- 40 degrees at this hour as well. forecast for today is showing the sky turning mostly sunny. quickly, so up very -- that not need this jacket by this afternoon. a high temperature between 74 and 78 degrees. storms for your -- we talk about that in a few minutes. first let's check on traffic. good news on the traffic
5:42 am
.ront a very good start heading to the beltway. springfield -- onto 395 , quiet across the 14th street bridge. delays all we see forming early, and that is have.y what we urbana, once to downf, around tha through the capital beltway, looks good here. but willens are open in maryland and virginia. .t is 5:42 up, a uc-davis police tape pepperst on up, a uc-davis police tape p[ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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>> coming up, 6:00 -- the special celebratesnal smile milestone. apple's new iphone is in stores tomorrow. the company pushed back the shipping date for pre ordered the phone. profit helpingnon- back on their feet by unsuited for change. all had at 6:00. >> the topic of dating violence takes center stage today as love's mother and withr talk exclusively katie couric. is at 4:00 p.m. on abc 7. they will share their feelings about her murder and the trial uva class made george huguely. in other local man tells her relationship that became physically dangerous. her message, tonight at 5:00. after the film that sparked
5:47 am
outrage, they are suing the filmmakers. wasy garcia claims she the filmmaker, who has since gone into hiding. the judge to order youtube to take down the clip. she says the script did not muhammed, andofit the dialogue was dubbed include anti-islamic messages. evidence in the trayvon martin shooting case. tests showed george zimmerman's dna was found on the a gun he used, but martin's dna was not. no determination could be made whether martin's dna was on the poster or not. the question of whose dna was on could affect the defense. with second-degree murder. a prosecutor is filing criminal against the uc-davis, on -- police officer caught on students.per-spraying -- they said there is not enough
5:48 am
the use of prove was illegal. they relied on fact uc-davis that officersid believe they were dealing with a cleare mob and needed to a path to safety. >> airlines passengers -- passengers mayes to find another way to get going.hey are cancel 300ey will to copethis week alone number of pilots and increasing maintenance reports. the airlines have seen an cancellations since a bankruptcy judge allowed them working roles on pilots. good luck, passengers. selling hisn jr. is in d.c. s spokesman says the home was help pay forle to bills.g medical the "chicago tribune" reports he is listing the town house for $2.5 million. democrat was recently hospitalized for
5:49 am
weeks at the mayo clinic in minnesota. space shuttle endeavor will continues its flight to the retired shuttle is headed to l.a., where it will become a exhibit at the california -- science center. after a delayed due to bad weather, endeavor took off from n floridapace center i on wednesday, riding on a 7 for itsboeing 74 ride. it is being shown off to the a touralong the way on includes a series of flyovers at 1,500 feet. they finish out the first leg in houston. expected to make a stop in el paso on the way to air force base in california. on the way it will make a special flyover of tucson former, a tribute to giffords,n debbie in a perfect shooting years ago. her husband commanded -- final mission in space. on friday, they will embark on
5:50 am
of northernur california. is along 12ney miles of city streets from lax to the california science , where it will become a exhibit. s angeles agree to raise power lines and cut down 400 trees for the parade route. the science center agreed to trees for eachr one they cut down. back in houston, a spectator was if he was disappointed visit waswo-day shortened to one day. take what we can. los angeles is crying about the trees. e trees, we will keep the shuttle. how was that? be a threeposed to ride that turned four hour nightmare for dozens of people at a california amusement park. says arry farm right malfunctioned, stranding people 300 feet in the year. -- in the air.
5:51 am
officials say nobody was hurt indicationas no anybody was in danger. riders was scared of heights. trying to face her fear. >> tech geeks may be buying the for tablet, but coffee lovers may want the mo.est starbucks giz >> and they want to fill your mailbox with more junk mail. hello -- certainly news we do not want to hear. in our e- battle spam inboxes. prepare for more such shopping catalogs and credit-card applications in your mailbox. the post office is cutting deals with direct mail marketers to number of sales pitches this and by standard , known as junk mail. this is as the postal service in first-ge drop off ofss mail and billions
5:52 am
dollars in losses. are said to run out of in october. those single cup makers a run -- starbucks has civil service machine verisimo, a price of $200. starbucks once a piece of the market, nowle cup of fastest-growing segment the copper market. can now get it on the nextte starting early month. is business news. live at clyburn headquarters, reporting for abc 7, back to you. how the roadways are shaping up right now. >> good morning. coffee andur cup of ready to get out the door, quiet along the beltway. maryland and virginia, no report. to we have an accident in northbound 95. it is over to the shoulder, not blocking. we do have some slow down there.
5:53 am
on 66, lanes are reported open. we are getting congested. some flashing lights on the shoulder in that area. on that front. maryland 95, nothing to report theeen baltimore and beltway. checking out fine. back to you. the weather is the talk of because if he walked outside you might be a little shocked by the cooler weather. itmay 18 was the last time was this low at reagan national. crank up the heat this morning afternoon, you will be like, what? the nice thing about when you like this is that in this code you have .o have a dry atmosphere it is so dry, there is no haze it is crystal clear. a pretty shot this morning on top of the building.
5:54 am
temperatures -- 55 that reagan national. dallas. 41 in cumberland. temperature in culpeper is 46. a little warmer along the bay. the water is warm while the air is cool. sometimes you see some fog off debate. watch out for that. where should be before this time of year? average high is 78 and 6135 to 10 degrees below average. -- 78 and 61. we are 10 degrees below average. stuck between two weather -- the next one should be too much. it will come in by saturday afternoon. sunnyecast is mostly next 24 to 48 hours. you not feel it until late in day on your saturday. mostly sunny skies. temperature is 7470 today.
5:55 am
tonight, 48 to 59 degrees. the storm prediction center has of thet risk that if you storms on saturday could be severe. not expect it will be the tuesday.g we had on >> that was the question i would ask. looks great. thank you. coming up after this break, another look at traffic and weather. >> boxer floyd mayweather anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. >> boxer floyd mayweather suffers a blow.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino.
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four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six x thousand jobs from incread tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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ordered a boxer to pay in a lawsuit. he now holds the of the boxer $147,000. fine afterrdered the said a weather may be intentional decision not to appearancehis court to make a deposition. >> more european magazines are picturing -- publishing pictures kate middleton. mr. j a french court and the publishing more totographs and ordered them f the pictures to the duke
5:59 am
cambridge. of shakira expecting her first title. she posted on our website she and her boyfriend are as they wait the baby's arrival. e pregnancy has prompted her postpone some emotional -- l events.a more good news. jessie tyler ferguson is engaged. his work is nominated for prime and their money airs 7.s sunday right here on abc divorceohnson's been finalized a little more his arrest. after his wife accused him of head heard during an argument. just overbeen married a month. vh1

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